Monday, January 10, 2011

Piles and piles

of clothes handed down from my friends. And this on top of a small pile of new sleepers, cloths, toys and other baby things that my friends have gifted me.

Yesterday was my baby shower. Since my family is so far away from us this is probably the only celebration type gathering the Bean will get and it was a lovely afternoon with my Mamma friends.

I should mention that I'm really not that comfortable with having a lot of attention on me so, opening gifts, while fun; is an act of self consciousness even when surrounded by the people that I love. So I opened my gifts as unobtrusively as possible and hope that I will be able to express my thanks properly with thank you cards. The big gift of the day was an Ergo Baby carrier. Since I plan on wearing the Bean as a fashion accessory/ body warming device over the next few months I couldn't have received a better gift. Topped off with the fact that the brand is one that some of my Momma friends have used and love I'm thrilled.

After the shower ended and the husband picked me up we went and picked up the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper that I've been eyeing up since the Peanut was sharing our bed instead of sleeping in her crib because that was the only way that I was getting enough sleep to function. This time around we're starting out by co-sleeping and I have high hopes that the co-sleeper will make that much easier. Now we have to do some bedroom rearranging so that we can all fit.

Now what was that I read somewhere about nesting?


jennohara said...

That's awesome you got so many nice things for the baby!!
I've always co-slept with my girls (still do today) and think anything that can make it a little easier/safer is great!! Good luck with it!

Rue said...

Happy baby-shower! Glad you got a nice haul for the Bean! Can't believe how close you are now to the big day!

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