Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An exact time

or as close to it is what I'm hoping to get today at our last maternity appointment.

Afterwards I'm hoping to spend some extra quality time with the Peanut. With time ticking down I'm doing my best to take time and be in the moment. This will be the last time I will be pregnant so all the bladder bumping ovary smashing I've been experiencing over the last two weeks will one day be looked upon with fondness (or perhaps not). This will also be the last time that I am the Mamma of a single child. My main goal over the next 8 days, other than to take it as easy as I can; is to make some special time for the Peanut during these last days she has us all to herself.

There is a part of me that is almost dreading the moment when the Peanut realizes that she's going to have to share us with the Bean. It's almost as big as the anticipation of being able to finally take a look at the bean in the flesh.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

You know, it's kind of amazing that any of us *survive* childhood, with the coming of another baby. -grin-

We say to the kid; "We love 'you-to-pieces', and we are bringing a new baby into our family, and we will love-her/him-to-pieces' too, and we will still love YOU as much as we love the new baby, too."

OK, now translate that, to your husband saying to you; "Dear Wife, I love-you-to-pieces, and am bringing a new wife into our family, and I will love-her-to-pieces too, but I will continue to love YOU, as much as I love the new wife, too!"

-chuckle- THAT has a different ring to it, doesn't it? ,-)

Yup, it's kind of amazing that any of us *survive* the arrival of a new baby, into our childhood. ,-)

So, my point? Make sure the older kid doesn't harm the new baby. But also, cut the older kid, some slack. As in, not really expecting her to be assssssssss excited, as Mom and Dad are.

Courage! Hugs... ,-)

jennohara said...

Awe, I'm sure Peanut will be so in love with the Bean that she wont even notice she has to share you!!
I;m so excited for you guys!

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