Monday, January 3, 2011

and the hormones, they keep raging


All the lovely comments on yesterday's post had my eyes welling up. Thank You.

Things are starting to come together in the workspace. The Husband spent a huge chunk of yesterday working on his stuff and I'm itching to get in and start doing some painting, even if the space isn't exactly how I want it to be it's set and ready for the creativity to flow.

That's one other side effect of being all with child, I'm feeling very creative and very much like I want to be exercising that creative muscle while I still have some wide awake brain cells. So today is all about getting my creativity on. Well that and having a nap...


faerwillow said...

~allow the surge of creativity to over take you!!! happy creating and restful day to you...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Anna said...

I'm sure the creative energies paired with being with child is amazing. Enjoy!

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