Friday, January 1, 2010

burnt out, and minor ramblings

It's time to get more iron pills, get to bed earlier and eat breakfast. It's hard to believe that a week without the stress of running to this place or that trying to get in as many minutes with family as possible can be as tiring as on with all that running around. Yesterday I had to nap, it wasn't a case of feeling that a little snooze would be nice it was a hammer coming down and knocking me unconscious for 90 minutes for much needed sleep. Thankfully the husband had had his nap just before and was able to feed the Peanut hotdogs for afternoon snack and ensure she wasn't watching inappropriate television. I can feel confident in the hotdog snack having fed her homemade turkey soup chock full of carrots, celery and potatoes for lunch. It's been cold here, cold in the house despite layers of sweaters and fuzzy socks plush 'jamma bottoms and a threatened addition of the fuzzy thermal housecoat, so hot soup was a good call and oh so yummy. I'm so thankful that our christmas dinner care package included some of the bones to make soup. I could eat soup daily in the winter, soup and stews with home made biscuits or bread.

Today we take down the tree and I have high hopes that all talk about what the Peanut wants for christmas will go into storage with the decor. She's still asking for this or that for christmas which is sweet but also tiring. This means that we're going to be arranging the house again. There are big plans afoot for reorganizing, my studio area is going to be shared as the husbands music practice area leaving more room in our bedroom for the boxes of holiday decor that were a little moist from sitting in the garage for ten months. We'll be setting up the new printer/scanner I indulged in and I'll be getting started on some new projects that were just waiting for a printer to get started.

I hope that your New Years Eve celebrations were safe and fun and that you are starting out a new year and decade with plenty ramblings of your own, less burn out than I'm feeling and lots of plans for the next year. I promise more photos in the coming posts.


Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

Hope you and yours have a happy and prosperous New Year!

Bridgett said...

I know that, "I need a nap or I'm going to fall over on my face" kind of feeling. :)

Happy 2010!

Good luck with the reorganization.

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