Sunday, October 25, 2009

There's a ghost in the house

My giveaway on Mrs. B's 31 days of Halloween was a great success, the feedback on my photography was very confidence boosting, to say the least. I have the winner's mailing address and I'll be sending off her photograph and a little something extra by mid-week.

Speaking of Mrs. B's Halloween giveaways; way back at the beginning of the month I entered one of the many giveaways and I won! OK, I'll admit the giveaways have been so good that I've entered to win almost all of them. I've been fortunate enough to have won two of the giveaways and I'm so excited about both.

I've received one of my prizes in the mail already and he's a welcome addition to our spooky decor. So what did I win? Who is hanging in my window? First things first: Jenny at Sneddonia is an Artist and Designer/Maker based in the UK, she works in a variety of media, and she learned many of her skills on a BA Hons Design: Crafts degree. One of the great things about her work is that she uses reclaimed materials in her work; scouring second-hand shops for old jewellery which she repurposes into new creations. You can expect to find reused chain, beads, and other found materials in many of her pieces.

You can see more of Sneddonia's work on her website, and on Flickr, where can also check out her studio. You can also follow her on Myspace, linkedin and on Facebook. She's a fabulous artist and craftswoman and I have to say that I am a teeny bit envious of her education, the opportunity to add as many techniques as possible to the artistic toolbox is worth a it's weight in gold. Her Blog; Sneddonia Designs is also well worth a read, not only does she showcase her finished work but also her process; in one post she even gives us a peek into her sketchbook which is an incredible way to see an artists' process.

So back to my prize: I snagged a Ghost Hanging Decoration. The package was very well put together, with three fun jack-o-lantern stickers on the outside. The Ghost was wrapped in lavender tissue and well protected. Jenny also included a lovely hand written note and some business cards to pass along to friends and family which I will be doing for sure. I'll be hanging the postcard up in my workspace too!

As for the little Ghosty; I love the expert craftsmanship that was put into his creation. Her bead placement is deceptively simple, you can tell that a lot of time and thought were put into the design. We've hung him in our kitchen window where he keeps us company as we eat, craft and make our own art. He's also keeping a ghostly eye on the many crows, black squirrels and the skunk who make our backyard a part of their daily destination.

I'd like to thank Mrs B for all her hard work so far this month and Jenny for including such a fantastic decoration in the festivities.


Sneddonia said...

Thank you for this lovely detailed post - you are so sweet! I'm so glad you like the ghostie. It's nice to know that you liked the pumpkin stickers and the extra things inside the package too :)

Happy Halloween! x

mrsb said...

I'm just the middle man, lol! I have the easy job! I'm glad you love your prize :O)

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