Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Jack-o-lantern, Jack-o-lantern,
you are such a funny sight
As you sit there by the window,
looking out at the night
You were once a sturdy pumpkin
growing on a vine
Now you are a Jack-o-lantern,
see the light shine

As I mentioned yesterday we carved our first Jack-o-lantern since I was a young. As a kid, I know that we had jack-o-lanterns more than once, but I can only truly recall carving one. My dad brought out the sharpest knife in the house, which happened to be his folding hunting knife. The knife slipped and my sister got a pretty nasty cut which required stitches. What did I take from the experience? The obvious of course, don't put your hand close to a pumpkin being carved with a hunting knife.

Luckily there were no mishaps of that sort with our little lantern.

The decision of whether to go old school with triangular eyes, nose and gap toothed grin or to make a less traditional carving meant that we did a little web surfing to see what could be done and everyone put in their two cents which meant that my husband said yes to the first idea I showed him and the Peanut said yes to the first one that featured one of her favourite animals.

I did a sketch of the most popular carving and went to work:


Rue said...

Very nice!

I'm glad there was no bloodshed this time around!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Ooh hunting knife accident...that would make me not want to carve a pumpkin for a long time! You just reminded me I have two pumpkins that I need to carve. At this point those suckers may get cute little faces drawn on them with magic marker! LOL!

PS I wrote you back on my blog about San Antonio. That is so crazy that the area I was talking about spooked you out too!

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