Friday, October 23, 2009

It's on

the weekend that is. Yesterday I mentioned that this week is a little special. Yesterday's rundown of our trip into the underworld was just the kickoff, this weekend is chock full of Halloweeny goodness; starting with Mrs B's 31 Days of Halloween and ending Sunday Night with the Reclaiming Tradition's Samhain Spiral Dance.

Mrs B has been putting on one excellent month long celebration with giveaways galore, fun crafts, guest bloggers and a Haunted Blog tour and tomorrow I get to participate further than just entering to win the fabulous giveaways; I'm offering the prize for one of her giveaways in tomorrows celebration and I'm very excited.

Ending my weekend will be the Samhain Spiral Dance. My first experience with Wicca and witchcraft was during this public ceremony and it opened my eyes in more ways than one. Although the one I attend is not as big as the one shown in the link; It was a deeply moving experience for me and one I look forward to participating in again.

Since the arrival of the Peanut, finding the time and energy to put into my spiritual practice has been a challenge. I'll have to admit that in most cases I've lost the thread completely. It's not hard to believe, growing up spiritual matters were not at the forefront of daily life and when you're getting used to another person, one who needs your attention almost 100% of the time it's easy to let that part slip in favour of getting more sleep, cuddling the baby, toddler and now preschooler, this year is the first since her arrival that I've felt the call of the moon, the earth supporting me and the fire within me. These things have been there all the time; but I'm finding that the world around me is poking me in the ribs in different ways so that I'll start to pay attention again.

So this weekend will be a busy and full one for me, the Weekly Artist feature usually scheduled on Fridays will be set up a little differently for the next while to focus on holiday shopping but will return again soon. Make sure to drop in on Mrs B's blog tomorrow, I'll be dropping by to post a link too before I get on with all the prep for and fun of the weekend.

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Shawn Michel de Montaigne said...

I'm much more of the mind of the Taoists, who say that whatever you're doing can be spiritual and deep and all that. It's up to you. Ceremonies and fires and dancing and all that is fine; but it can be quite misleading too.

Just my two cents.

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