Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mrs B's 31 days of Halloween

The party is still going on over at Mrs. B's blog, There are so many giveaway's today I'm aflutter with excitment also a little jittery, I have places to be today and want to get them all in before I head off for pumpkin fun with the Pumpkin Princess Brigade:

I'm loving todays prizes, even more so than yesterday and the day before if that's possible; go and check them and the party out here

giveaway #1 comes from the fancifully wonderful Olde Dame Penniwig! The lucky winner will receive their choice of Colonial style Earbobs from Penniwigs!

giveaway #2 has me salivating and drooling is from artist Aunia Kahn! The lucky winner will receive a pack of postcards that contain 10 assorted Aunia Kahn art postcards! I'm coveting I'm coveting

giveaway #3 is a wonderful Kaleidoscope Kat Halloween Glass Tile Pendant come from the whimsical mind of Wicked Mama's Emporium!

giveaway #4 is from the creative mind of artist William Bezek of Wormwood Hallow. You can also find him at PANS GARDEN. It's a Halloween Witch Hag Candy Container! Very Haggy

giveaway #5 (are there a lot of giveaways today or what?) is for a spooky-cute Ghost Pin comes from the artist Jennifer Sneddon of Sneddonia Designs!

and last but not in the very least

giveawat #5 is a handcrafted, one-of-a kind piece comes to us from Into the Dawn! It is for the ELECTRIC ELEMENTAL PENTACLE BOX

Also on tap for today: Guest blogger and Haunted Blog. So get on over there!

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