Monday, October 13, 2008

There's a bird on your head

The Peanut's third thanksgiving, playing dinosaur and There's a bird on your head!

The Peanut's second Thanksgiving at the Hatchery

The Peanut's first Thanksgiving at the Hatchery

Today was spent doing one long stint of cooking and topped off with a bout of serious eating. It was a great thanksgiving. The only thing missing was our annual trip to the Salmon Hatchery up on Capilano Road.

We've gone there every year since The Peanut was born (two) and missed going this year because of a major nap-time melt down and some very moist weather. Autumn has settled in and the rain pants are coming out of the closet. This was a busy weekend, I officially started promoting my baby portrait business with two contacts so far from the 2008 Breast Feeding Challenge, plus my name on a poster listing me as a sponsor. We had a double celebration birthday party on Sunday for two friends. and turkey feast today.

Our friends David and Cheri came over to help us out with our groaning table. The Peanut had a blast with her Auntie Cheri and Uncle David, pleased to have a new person around to play There's A Bird on your Head.

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