Saturday, October 25, 2008

For the most part I've managed homemade costumes for The Peanut:

2006 we dressed her as a city mouse. We put her in jeans and her Depeche Mode hoodie and hooked her ears into a little skull cap. We celebrated by visiting Memphis Blues, the local BBQ place down the street.

2007 we made a cowboy fairy costume. We went to a few parties, one at out friend Olivia's and one at the community centre. Afterwards we went to Memphis Blues for dinner. (do you see a trend here?)

This year we picked up some red t-shirts and black felt and I'll be sewing polka dots onto the backs of them to make Ladybugs. I picked up some ladybug wings at the dollar store and we're all set. We're hosting the Hallowe'en party this year and we plan to do a little trick or treating this year, followed by a little BBQ.

I'll post pictures soon

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krisijo said...

That is so adorable! I love it! I used to make all my kids ostumes. now that they're older they want to buy them:( But now i get to start all over again with my baby girl:)

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