Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I love creating Etsy Treauries

Ultimately I want to drive traffic to my Etsy Shops and but with the Esty Treasury's the idea is not to showcase your own items, so why do I like posting treasuries on Etsy when my own work isn't on the menu?

Well it's one ways I get to be all arty and creative. Each treasury is like a tiny little art show which I've been the curator of. It's ind of a rush. I also like to see items I really love get looked at and possible sold . When I post an Etsy treasury I keep track of the number of clicks each of my chosen artworks receives and if one of those items gets sold I feel pretty excited about that.

I have a treasury up right now. Its called gray skies a comin' and it's full of stormy imagery in honour of the electric series I've posted in (did you see how I've tied my own work into the mix there?)

Go visit this link and check it out.

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