Thursday, October 23, 2008

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Last Friday night I went out to my first gallery opening in what feels like forever. I haven't left the north shore on my own since the Spiral Dance last October and it was a great night to get out with the camera, (another thing I feel like I haven't done forever as well). All in all a full night in more ways than one.

The gallery opening was a good one, it was held at Exposure on Broadway in Vancouver and was choc-full of brilliant images, my friend Geoff's included. I always enjoy his work, beautiful with a dark edge.

I also had a chance to see a few other people I haven't had face time with in a while. The outcome of the night was a mixed bag. Loved getting out, loved seeing friends, loved being able to get my camera out, loved seeing the art. Sad that I've been away from that scene for so long, glum that I'm not out more, blue that I've got so much catching up to do.....

It's a little known fact that I suffer from a very mild depression that catches up with me in waves. It became really apparent to me that this was a long term affliction while I was being treated for Post Partum Depression. I had an epiphany during my treatment and realized that I had been depressed during my pregnancy and that depression had just continued on post partum. In general I'm pretty good at pretending it isn't there, but it catches up with me sometimes. Personally I think it's a good entryway into getting creative. I work through my issues by making art, whether that's bu wielding a paintbrush, pencil or pointing a cameral lens in your general direction, it all helps. Not to mention I become a happier person when I'vd got a big mess on my worktable.

And my work table is a big mess right now (so I'm a happy camper). I'm just plugging along working on some mixed media stuff and rolling the idea of entering some work into the next Exposure Show.... or maybe the one after that:) Not to mention planning on more night time outings with the camera. I'm excited to try out TTV photographs. It's been awhile since I've been really excited about photography and this just may give me a good kick in the pants, shot in the arm, rush to the system.......

Now to do something with the shots I got on Friday

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Bianca (Fighter of the Night Man) said...

Wow I couldn't agree more! Nothing makes me feel better than having a bunch of projects in the works! Good luck with them and I'm happy to hear you're out and excited about shooting again!


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