Sunday, January 24, 2010

First BBQ of the year

and all others will be compared and judged by it.

I once thought about becoming a vegetarian, (right after reading Teen Beat or Sassy or one of those other teen magazines where it was Divulged that River Phoenix was a vegan). Then I considered that I wouldn't get to eat Yorkshire pudding and gravy if I was a vegan and also that Jello would be off the list too and at the time I just wasn't ready to give up blue jello even for dreamy River Phoenix. Well the blue jello has long since been left by the wayside (with the Peanut, I'm sure that it will make a comeback any day) but the prime rib and Yorkshire pudding drowning in rich gravy is still on permanent rotation.

So anyway, we went over to our good friends home on Saturday for some live music provided by the men and (as the Peanut so aptly put it) a delicious feast. We had grilled sirloin, pork and apple sausage, baked potatoes, Parmesan garlic bread, fresh green salad and corn on the cob. It was amazing, food and company both. I laughed until my jaw ached, ate until I couldn't possibly eat any more, and then I had some more.

It turned out to be the best antidote to my case of the January blues. Thank you all for your suggestions and support, I plan on making a trip to the beach soon to dig in the sand and watch the waves and maybe chase down a few seagulls. How was your weekend?

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Rue said...

There is nothing like roast and Yorkshire pudding to beat the blues! Whenever I'm feeling particularly down, I call my Mom and say "I think it's time for a roast." My brother & his wife bring the wine and I bring the apple pie. Yum! Glad you all had such a nice gathering and feast!

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