Monday, January 18, 2010

I fought against it

but the little green mold spores all over the stroller that we've used to transport the Peanut and library books and groceries and art supplies for the last 3.5 years talked me into splurging for a new one to use until sometime next year.

We'd actually been thinking about trading the stroller in for a wagon so that the Peanut; who is getting more and more interested in getting from point A to point B on her own two feet (No thanks, I'm just good with walking) could jump in when those two feet had had enough or when she wanted to stop and have a snack or both (I want to have a snack inside the stroller!). The above mentioned stroller was getting too small the the Peanut; her feet were hanging down below the foot rests and knocking on the snack tray.

So Saturday morning saw us leaving the house all on foot; catching the bus to the mall and picking out a new stroller to haul library books and the weekly grocery run oh yeah, and to push the Peanut to and from library and grocery trips that is when she's not insisting on walking.

The rest of the weekend was taken up with watching the penultimate episode of Dollhouse (it was awesome as expected), cutting some new relief blocks and working on my latest project (I'll let you in on what that is in the next few days) and considering changes that I've made to the 5 question feature. I've expanded the feature but cut back on the frequency of posts. I'm hoping that it will be a change for the better; allowing me to keep it going and also giving me time to keep on with my own things. I've gotten off to a pretty strong start with creating and want to keep the momentum going.


Rue said...

Honestly - I don't have a child, and would still love to have a stroller! I really do carry too many things. Perhaps a cute market-tote on wheels...

I'm sure the Peanut will still appreciate the opportunity to sit a spell when her little legs get tired!

Piggy said...

Peanut is so cute! I hope that's not her real name :) but a nickname keke :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier and sharing your Monday. Hope all things are fine now.

God Bless

cabin + cub said...

Cute photo. We are just starting to research strollers now.. wow.. it's like buying a car... so many options, it is a bit overwhelming! ;)

Bridgett said...

Yay for new strollers! :)

Bridgett said...

Or anything new for that matter. LOL

Lyneya said...

Cute :) Oh and the stroller too:)

When you get to the wagon stage, think about the garden cart wagons instead of the little ones. I had one, my sister borrowed it to take my nephew to that fair, and I'm pretty sure I'm not getting it back until all her kids are grown. Just put a blanket in the bottom and it's perfect and can hold a couple little people. And when the kids don't need it anymore, it can go back to being a garden cart.

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