Thursday, November 13, 2008

How much?

I've been busy renewing items in TMCPhoto on Etsy and making new things for PeanutButterPie. And then there's the shopping and browsing that has started to take over my time too. One thing I 'm noticing on Etsy is the serious under pricing of photographs in some shops. There are some very beautiful images out there for a fraction of the price that they could or should be selling for.

I guess it's the same old story played out everywhere. Someone under values their work and then the value of the whole market seems to plummet. I've so far kept my prices at what I feel my work is worth, mainly because I feel that up until now I've really undervalued myself in general and don't want to continue the bad habit. Equally, the whole point of selling my art was to make money at it. If I factor in the costs of printing, camera and equipment maintenance, my time and talent as well as the materials used for packaging, the marketing and promotion work put in and costs for listing items and the percentage that goes to the website the prices I'm listing at allow me to make a little profit that I can in turn use to make more photographs and other art pieces.

When I see $10 8x10 photographs listed, I always wonder how much these artists are losing by selling so low.

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