Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I should get out my camera

I've been a busy little bee putting together a handful of new cards that should go into PeanutButterPie, but for the past two day's I've been focused on other things.

"For instance?" you ask? Well, there was the picnic under the table A la Bing Bunny we had yesterday, or the crazy collage-a-thon held the day before. I'm spending some quality time with my peanut butter pie and that would be my daughter and not the Etsy shop.

I guess that's really not so bad. It's great in fact. I am, as my Ma-In-Law told me last night an Excellent Mother. Start your gagging now, I'll allow you a few moments to make faces and pretend to retch. If I was reading this I would too; and I accept your mocking remarks and truly, I am turning red at all the attention your throwing this way. I have this thing about really despising the media's unrealistic portrayal of being a Mommy. More on that another time.

I replied to that powerful bit of compliment with "I try."

The truth is that I do try. Most of the time I feel like a big old faker with how much I have to try to be a good mother. The fun stuff is lots of fun but the not so fun stuff is just a big energy drainer. I mean I used to do laundry rarely, now it stacks up in the blink of an eye and with the potty training moving into the big girl underwear faze it's a lot quicker than that. If I don't blink I can actually see the mountain of wet clothes grow, almost as if through time elapsed photography. As the days fly by her wardrobe choices dwindle to nearly nothing but summer pants and jammy bottoms.

I spend a lot of time promoting TMCPhoto and PeanutButterPie and she spends a lot of time watching Kipper Movies and trying to crawl into my lap to get my attention. Honestly the picnic was to make up for two days of Kipper on automatic replay. And I enjoyed it.

Today the TV is off, the barn and tractor are out and we are playing giraffe, gorillilla, penguin and sheep farm. Good times all around

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Faith said...

I know how that can feel- being busy mommy trying to keep up with the sewing and the writing instead of being busy with the kids. Glad I'm not alone in this!

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