Friday, June 10, 2011

Now that we've packed

I realize that what we really really could use for the Peanut (and also the Bean when she gets big enough to carry her own luggage) is one of these:

Now if it seems like I'm on a Melissa & Doug kick I kind of am. Between the giveaway they've offered to sponsor (if they reach 200 likes on their facebook page from my giveaway post, you can click this link or the one their logo in the sidebar to go see what they're offering) to the fact that Birthday Party Season is fast approaching I've been visiting their site often.

So what about the Trunki appeals? Well it's red (the one pictured is red, there are other colour options) it has wheels and a handle and with all the stuff we bring for the Peanut when we go traveling, she could totally stand to have her own suitcase.

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