Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Stop

Before I start: the Melissa and Doug Seaside Giveaway has been extended. If you haven't entered there's still time, if you know someone who loves playing in the sand tell them about it too! It's an awesome prize pack and I'd love to gift one of you with it!

Because our families all live in the same area our trips are always split into three separate parts: The husband's Mom (aka my other Mother), the husband's Dad and my parents. This trip was brought to us by the Husband's Mom's boss (still following?) The trip was originally supposed to be for her to fly out and see us but things didn't work out for many reasons and her boss offered to have us fly out instead. So, we started our trip with Grandma. Other than a chance to have some prime Ma time and introduce the Jelly Bean to her Grandma we shopped and ate and enjoyed a little side trip into the Bad Lands of Alberta for a little Dinosaur time for the Peanut.

The house my other Mother lives in is one of the oldest in the city she lives in. It's haunted, and chock full of paintings, woodcut prints, and plants. I love staying there. Of course every place the husband's Mom has ever lived in has had a similar feel to it. The woman knows how to create a homey atmosphere.

On the way to Drumheller we took a secondary highway that took us by a stretch of wind farm. The juxtaposition between the almost lazy spin of ll the windmills and the bobbing up and down of the oil pumps dotted along the fields on the way was too much to pass up and I took some photographs along the way. I'll post some of those later this week.

The Royal Tyrell Museum was a huge hit for the Peanut. She was in state of bliss for days afterwards and she still talks about the Dire Wolf and Mammoth exhibits as well as the T-Rex and Triceratops exhibit that we visited first.

All in all the first part of our trip couldn't have been better.

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