Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Starts

On Thursday I get to have some much needed one on one time with the Peanut. It's her kindergarten orientation in the morning and the Bean is going to hang out with the husband while we head out to see the Peanut's classroom, meet her teacher and hopefully make a friend.

It's a big step for her and I'm getting a little misty thinking about my little Peanut headed off to school next September. It seems like just yesterday she was the size of the Bean and rolling over. Kindergarten has sneaked right up on us

Once that's done and we head home to make sure that the Bean hasn't decimated the husband; it's packing time so we can introduce the Bean to Grandma, Great Grandma and all her aunts uncles and cousins (not to mention a side trip to the Royal Tyrell so that the Peanut can exalt in all things prehistoric.)

And hey, have you entered into the Seaside Sidekick giveaway yet? If you've entered, thanks, link the post to your friends and family because once Melissa and Doug get 200 new fans on their page from my giveaway they'll send a prize pack including all the sets written about in the post to one lucky entrant.

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