Sunday, June 5, 2011

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

We're on vacation, we packed up and left town yesterday and are now living and breathing vacation time. There are no "have to" and "I really should"s here.

So we're hanging with the Ma-in-law. in the haunted house she lives in. eating fried dough for breakfast with real maple syrup and the promise of strong roasty coffee in a while.

The Bean weathered her first cross province trip well; ending the day with a massive tummy upset that had us changing the bed and giving her a second bath where she splashed and kicked and gave us a few more grins and giggles to let us know that she was all better before promptly falling back asleep and staying that way (even at this moment)

I've set up a few scheduled posts to fit in here and there while we're busy doing vacay things. I'm hoping to add a post here and there while we are here but if now I'll be giving a full recount once we're home and settled.

If you have a moment, know some beach loving kids and want to try for a fantastic sand toy gift set be sure to click on the Melissa & Doug link in the left hand column there's plenty of time to enter!

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