Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not my Forte

So when Melissa and Doug approached me about doing a giveaway I was thrilled. The sand toys they wanted to promote with the giveaway are; like all Melissa and Doug toys, awesome. I could totally see the Peanut putting all of them through their play paces. When they made receiving 200 new likes on their facebook page a requirement of the giveaway I thought I'd give it my best shot. So I wrote the post. I tweeted about it, and posted links on some social networks that I follow and I contacted some blogs that list giveaways in the hopes of driving the required number of entrants to my giveaway post and then; despite my footwork things kind of fizzled. So I rallied and tried again, I extended the deadline and tried corralling more entries but again; fizzle.

Right now the number of required entries is well below Melissa and Doug's required 200 which leads me to think that the whole giveaway thing isn't really one of my strengths. Either that or my readership doesn't quite fit with the Melissa and Doug target audience. I'll be doing a final little push for more entries today and I'll get in touch with my contact at Melissa and Doug with my entries on Tuesday. So if you haven't already entered please do so now, pass the link along, spread the word!
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