Saturday, September 11, 2010

Schrödinger's Bean

was neither pink nor blue but then we went to the Dr this morning and the nor was struck from the possible outcomes and we were left with the neither, meaning the Bean will be dressed in as little pink as we can get away with considering we'll be the happy recipients of plenty of previously worn baby girl clothes.

We're very pleased, excited even, except for the Peanut who is a little miffed that the brother she was absolutely sure was in my belly kicking up a storm is now a sister. Luckily we have a few months to bring her around to the idea that teaching the Bean to roar like a proper T-Rex while wearing a tiara and princess dress will be just as much fun even if the Bean is a sister instead of a brother...

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cabin + cub said...

Very exciting!!! It's always easier to dress up girls in boys clothes than vice versa. I am still itching to get Jasper to where this little knitted coat that my late grandmother made me when I was a baby... unfortunately it is baby pink... so I think I will have to sneak it on for one quick photo while dad is not looking. ;)

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