Friday, September 10, 2010


Well, I drank the prescribed amount of water two hours before my appointment. I am a stickler for following the instructions... except when following recipes, or if I'm playing around with art supplies or (insert significant pause here) you know, pregnant with a Bean bouncing on my very full bladder before my second ultrasound appointment because I promptly ran to the bathroom 3 times within the first hour of hydrating. and then twice more before I was supposed to leave for the clinic.

A quick (and to be honest) frantic Google search netted a long list of suggestions for the amount of water really needed for one of these things, and the interesting tid bit that it only takes 20-25 minutes for a bladder to fill up. So... I downed a full glass on the way out the door to catch the bus to the clinic (which was along a very bumpy and jarring route I might add) and waddled my (and the Peanut's) way down to the corner, across the street and into the clinic where they very kindly ushered me into the examination room right away.

Have I mentioned that I love these people? For our first ultrasound I made it to the clinic 15 minutes early, and if the Husband had been there already they would have had me on that table, gooped up and totally relieved that the Bean was a singular instead of a plural as soon as I walked in then too. Instead we waited an extra 10 minutes for the Husband and we all (Peanut included) went in together.

But, back to this appointment, you know the one where we find out (and please excuse my ladies hand bag metaphors) if the Bean has a handle or if she's a clutch. And then, before they kindly lead me down the hallway the receptionist informs me that any findings on Gender would not be shared with me then and there, and I would have to wait until I spoke with my Dr.

So at the moment the Bean is like Schrödinger's cat except the Bean is neither and both pink nor blue instead of you know, dead and alive.

I'm taking bets on handle or clutch. Leave your thoughts in the comments and I'll be sure to give the results on Monday morning if the results have made it to the mat clinic by then that is...

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