Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dinosaurs, Foxes and Meerkats

It's raining, it's pouring and the husband is still snoring. The Peanut so far this morning has been a T-Rex, a burrowing fox and a meerkat; she's a busy girl the Peanut. Right now she's regaling me with tales of a numbers based preschooler show and showing me what colour her tongue is turning as she eats some frozen berries for breakfast.

I'm sitting near the window, listening to the Peanut's stories and the rain's tap tap tapping on the roof of our back porch and enjoying the almost constant nudges and pokes the Bean insists on performing. They're comfortable moves unlike the ones that she sometimes aims downwards into the bladder area. It's a good morning so far.

Today is a blood Glucose day for me; which means that I test before and after breakfast; after lunch and after dinner. So far I've been able to keep things under control with diet and exercise. I've had a few spikes here and there; mostly when it was super hot and the idea of moving more than neccesary was a torture unto itself. In the few cases where that hasn't been the case five to ten minutes of Dinosaur dance party or piggy pack the Peanut around the house has brought things back down nicely.

The rule of thumb is that after lunch and dinner I must do something; go for a walk (for at least 2o to 30 minutes) change the sheets on the bed and fold laundry, clean the bathroom, fold and put away two heaping baskets of laundry, dig in the garden for potatoes.... something physical. Simple right?

Sometimes not so much. The other day, for instance the Peanut and I shared some lunch, the carb count of the meal was within my guidelines but an hour after eating; a period in which I'd folded towels, put them away and hung some more towels out on the line to dry; my blood glucose was very high. Enter the Dino Dance party. The Peanut and I turned on some dance music and danced like T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, Spinosaurus, Pteradon and Triceratops for ten minutes. I retested for blood sugars after ten minutes and my levels were well under where they needed to be.

It's a balancing act, and one I want to stay on top of until the Bean makes it to the outside.

So what else is on the agenda for the day? A trip to the library lost and found to retrieve a stuffed dino then on to look for a red hooded sweatshirt and pants for the Peanut's Halloween costume. Thread, stuffing and decorative felt will come later. A stint of fall cleaning in the bathroom and hopefully a little nap. How is your weekend shaping up?

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