Monday, September 20, 2010

It all came together because...

I think I've mentioned once or twice that the husband is a musician . When he was younger (in his reckless teens) he played guitar but he never really stuck with it. A few years ago while hanging out at our good friends place he picked up a bass and they started jamming together. In those days the husband's hobby was open wheel kart racing.

Racing took him out of town on weekends where he spent a lot of time working on his kart and very little time inside it because of break downs, and tune ups. It was an expensive hobby what with the traveling, racing fees, engines, tires, safety gear and speciality tools; and it was stressful. Normally a hobby is something you do to bring joy into your life; racing was like a second job; one that demanded that he pay the wages with very little job satisfaction.

Once he picked up the bass he was hooked; it wasn't long before the kart was up for sale and the husband's new addiction er, I mean hobby was in full swing. One side effect of playing music was the search for the perfect sound...

Enter Stomp boxes. First there was the buying of stomp boxes and then came building them himself. Building boxes included some soldering and that's where our collaboration took root.

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