Monday, August 30, 2010

You should really

So it's pretty awesome right? When we played it for the Peanut she crawled into my lap and started to try to sing along to Hooray It's My Birthday By Rabbit! Something she only does for her favourite songs and she'd never heard the songs before! Of course me being the big ol' pile of coursing hormones was turned into a massive mushmallow. I'm wiping the tears out of my eyes as I type this.

Want to help out a little more? click on the Share this Widget link in the right hand corner of the image and cut and paste the HTML code into your blog! I know Ryan is hoping to make some big waves with this album, and I hope he does too; it's such an amazing compilation and I know I'll be able to listen to it over and over without wanting to stick inappropriate things into my ears.

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cabin + cub said...

Thanks for sharing! We're always looking for new music that isn't Raffi for little Bun... although he isn't to picky yet, since he still pretty small. ;)

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