Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hot hot hot. Someone turn down the heat please!

With the Peanut the most heat I had to endure was about two weeks worth and there was a pool involved almost daily to help with that. This time around I'm sweltering. I'm melting. I can't think straight I'm so hot.

Did I mention that we are going through a bit of a heat wave here?

We are nearing the end of our birthday season, last Sunday was a birthday party day for one of the Peanut's friends and also the day that we celebrated my birthday too since the Husband thought he had to work late on my actual birthday.

So was I spoiled? Did I get the full on birthday treatment? Yes and no. No because with GD I'm not allowed cake unless I want to do some walking afterwards which didn't fit in with our plans. Yes because the husband had a stunning lariat necklace custom made for me by one of my good friend and jewellery maker extraordinaire, and my sister was awesome enough to take the Peanut for a few hours to have dinner and go for a swim and then back home to put her to bed so that the Husband could take me out on a date.

We hit Granville Street for a live show at the Venue where enjoyed air conditioned loveliness while watching This Will Destroy You and Autolux play. And the Bean was kicking, I mean he/she was moving with a little rhythm. Each beat of the drums got a good nudge from the inside out and the end of each song got a full on boot. I can only guess that he/she liked the music or that he/she was banging on the walls to get the volume reduced. In any case we are well on our way to creating another little music snob; a child who will snub the annoying kiddie music in favour of Depeche Mode, Dragonette, The Raveonettes and the Clash... well we can hope anyway.

Are you having a heat wave or are you wondering when your summer is going to show up?

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Rue said...

We've got the heat full-blast here in the Interior - ugh! I'm just sorry you have to deal with it there too. I always think the Coast is cooler in the Summer - but not always.

Your b-day date sounded fun though! Glad it was a good one!

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