Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's that time again

you know, when I start to think a little too much about where things are going and what direction I want to go in; whether it's to continue along the way I've been going or to stop things all together and start something new.

It may be the pregnancy hormones talking but I'm feeling the need for a little change. It could just be that this summer has been spent with little to no time on creative pursuits so it could just be that I'm feeling the need to get things back on track. In either case I'm thinking I'm needing a little bit of both. As August ends I'll be getting my creative space back into working order and getting started on some new projects.

But before that happens I'll be getting in a few more trips to the beach, birthday celebrations, a trip to the Fair and a visit with my parents (who are headed out here for a visit-Yay!)

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