Monday, May 3, 2010

Up all night and awake all day

could be the theme of the weekend for us. The Peanut woke up early (and I mean so early that it was still late) Saturday from a nightmare and crawled into bed with us and fidgeted and squirmed until the Husband left the room and went to sleep in her room. We were up nice and early Saturday then we repeated the whole process again last night with a wet bed in place of the nightmare. Add in a fierce windstorm and we were awake most of last night too and up this morning.

Also on the agenda this weekend was a lone trip for me to the book store and and afternoon to myself where I immersed myself in a new project with my x-acto blade, papers and glue and my latest 5 question feature... other than our sleeping issues it was a good weekend. How was yours?


Rue said...

Crazy weekend - and week leading up to it - so I finally crashed on Sunday and lazed around the house. Took a walk by the river before the rains came in, and hunkered in with a book. Good day. I could use 10 more like it!

Hope all three of you sleep better tonight!

Anna said...

Very busy weekend getting the garden going but all in all a good one :-) Hope the peanut is sleeping better, well I hope you all are :-)

Paulina said...

Oh boy, I hope the nightmares go away. You could use lavender scented spray or something, to tranquilize the room. It could help sleep, and keep the nightmares away.

Here, the weekend was crazy with work, and other engagements.

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