Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Circle 'round and I'll tell you the tale

of the first ever extreme makeover that turned a lowly scullery maid into a beautiful princess to send her to the ball.

Growing up we moved a lot, wherever we ended up living my Mom always planted a bleeding heart in the front garden. My Mom taught me this when I was a little girl and then promptly regretted it when I denuded all her bleeding heart blossoms to do it myself. So here we go How to tell the story of Cinderella with a flower:

take a full bleeding heart blossom from your plant (if the flower doesn't belong to you please ask permission first) turn it so that the bottom of the flower is facing up. this is the beautiful ball gown created by the Fairy Godmother.

Very carefully pull off the outer pink petals to reveal the magical coach. you can imagine the wheels turning as she speeds over the roads to get to the ball before midnight.

Every Princess needs to accessorise. Gently pull the heart shaped pieces apart. These two pieces are Cinderella's drop earrings.

And of course the heart of the story: Shoes. pull the center of the coach apart to make a lovely pair of slippers to fit on her tiny feet, notice that the slippers are perfect for dancing until midnight.

And in the end; none of it would have happened had there not been a magic wand to help create it.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

oh wow...this is just magical. thanks so much for remembering to tell me about it!

Frenzy23 said...

How pretty! A gorgeous flower, and what a cute story to go with it!

Rue said...

Precious. I'll bet your daughter strips your plants as she gets older, to tell that tale to her friends too!

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