Friday, May 7, 2010


We've backslid.

Nearly a months worth of waking up dry while sleeping in our undies has ended with three accidents since last Friday. It may be time to re-institute The Chart. I'm sure that it's a controversial subject; bribing your child to change their behavior, but it works for us.

My main concern when we started with the chart was that we would be in a perpetual chart/reward cycle. We had gone a month without a chart and I was pretty pleased about being able to let the chart drift off into oblivion... I patted myself on the back too soon and also; I didn't count the fact that preschoolers talk. To each other. About their charts...

We had a play date last week with two of our very bestest friends who also have charts. There was apparently a little chart comparison going on between them because I was asked where The Peanut's chart was a few times. And then The Peanut started talking about what she wanted to earn for her chart next...

Of course, to be honest; the night time accidents started a few days before the play date but the chart talk didn't.

I'm now thinking that if the weekend passes with another middle of the night bed change there will be a new chart on the microwave and a new reward for fully filled in boxes for a stretch of nights where she's stayed dry. Now to find an inexpensive reward and to figure out how to stop those little conversations she and her friends have where they compare notes...

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BellsInSpires said...

hello there! the pinwheels i made will very reluctantly turn, but you can thread a bead behind the pinwheel to help it spin. good luck with the dinosaur paper hunt!

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