Monday, April 6, 2009

Artisan Showcase

What a great weekend! The weather was lovely, we got a few more house things done and managed to fit in some quality family time. For the first time in what seems like forever we had more than two days of warm sun and clear skies. We went to the park on Saturday and stopped for ice cream sundays on the way home and Sunday was a family trip on the Skytrain to Commercial Drive in Vancouver. We played in the park, did a little window shopping, had a yummy lunch and did a little more wandering and some actual spending too. Eostara basket and gifts are now taken care of.

This Friday also marked the return of my 5 question feature. I will say that despite a small glitch in Google Analytics (read: I didn't realize I would need to update the link to GA in order to keep track of traffic to my blog when I decided to change my blog template; another tiny reminder that I'm not half as tech savvy as I wish I was) I think it was a pretty good success. The number of comments on the feature are among the highest in the feature's history which makes me happy since I love Finestra's work.

The return of 5 questions is going to be a little short lived as I'm going to be putting the next one on hold until after the long weekend. I don't want to sell my feature Etsy artist short, and I'm sure every one will be busy with family, bunnies and eggs. The feature will return on the 17th.

One of my photographs has been included in this weeks Photography section of the Artisan Challenge on Blockhead Radio. River Walk Bridge is one of my favourite photograph's from my San Antonio Series. I love the rich blacks and the reflected light on the river.

Please go visit Blockhead Radio's Artisan challenge and vote. I'd like you to vote for River Walk Bridge but there are some pretty amazing photographs in the challenge with me, so vote for what you like best.

In other feature news I'm also happy to be included again in the Etsy Baby Shower. I will be gifting a mixed media artwork for the wall of a 3 month baby boy in Winnipeg, I'm so excited to be a part of the shower again. It was a lot of fun last time around and I really enjoyed feeling like an active member of the community.

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