Thursday, April 30, 2009


It's a little funny with how obsessed I've become over my neighborhood's over abundance of poured cement garden statuary (PCGS).

I've started to make note of where it all is so I can document it, considered knocking on doors to ask permission to get inside of back yards and onto patios and decks to get a good shot. we'll see how invested I can get, considering I have an impatient two year old in tow on all my outings that may be a little difficult.

Here's this weeks contribution. This yard also features a birdbath/water fountain.


Robert W. Leonard said...

Nice, I think I would be the kind of person to want to paint that before displaying it. *cackles*

TMCPhoto said...

LOL, there are plenty painted ones too. In a few weeks I'll post some of those, stay tuned

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