Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Prayers and Then Some

Eyes open, a rare and beautiful sight lately
I was going to post about my Gran's memorial but instead I have to post about my eight month old nephew, he is in my thoughts so much these days, when I hold onto my own two healthy and happy girls the most. I was finally able to go to the hospital to see him and give some physical support to my sister and niece yesterday.

Linden is not doing well. His journey has been filled with ups and down so very high and so very low that they rival a roller coaster for how quickly things can change with and for him. This is why even though things right now seem as though there is no hope that I hold on to the hope that he will somehow spring out of the depths that he is in right now.

My niece, her partner and my sister were called into see the doctors yesterday and told that it will take a miracle for Linden to survive. He has been fighting a viral infection solely on medication because he has no immune system of his own, he is on three different life support machines because his blood pressure is dangerously low, his heart rate is dangerously high and he is unable to breathe on his own. The virus he has, has dropped by half through the medical treatment he is receiving, but it still rages through his body and they have him on dialysis to take the pressure off of his kidneys as they flush all the toxins and extra fluid from his body. He is in danger of going into cardiac arrest at any time. They were given the options yesterday:

They could turn off the machines and let him go.
They could leave him as he is, hope that he comes out of it and his heart doesn't stop
They could continue treatment and take the next step of giving him some of their own white blood cells in the hope that any white blood  cells will help to fight the infection. The danger here is that neither his Mommy or Daddy are a perfect match and the transplant will end in complications.

They have decided to honour the efforts Linden has made so far to live and they will keep up the fight for him; . Today they will be transplanting thier own cells with fingers crossed and all the prayers of family, friends and people who have never met them or Linden behind them.

For all of you who have sent your thoughts, prayers and healing energy to them at my requests already I thank you so very very much.  I ask that you continue to keep Linden in your thoughts if you follow no particular faith and prayers no matter which god/s you place your faith in. All positive thoughts no matter what form they take will help Linden out.

I will try and keep updates here as things progress. Since the ride Linden and his family are on is so very unpredictable (they measure things in the terms of good minutes/ hours instead of days right now) they aren't keeping everyone posted with each change unless the change is a drastic one positive or not.


Danni said...

All of the positive thoughts and prayers I can muster are heading his way, may the little guy continue to persevere and be on his way to happy babyhood.

Nichola said...

Poor wee thing! All of my very best thoughts are on the way. Is there any way we can be tested to see if we're a match for him?

jennohara said...

My prayers are still with Linden.

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