Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beating The Odds

So here's the thing, even good news is tempered by possibilities that are not so bright and sunny.  But good news is good news none the less. Today my niece and my sister sent out a facebook update that the CMV virus has lowered from 200,000 to 54000 on Monday and today down to 4500. 

To take the words out of my sister's mouth; hopefully this horrible virus will be destroyed and allow Lindens blood stream and organs some much needed rest to repair themselves. Monday Lindens second stem cell transplant will take place. His amazing mother will start her treatments tomorrow to empower her stem cells so her baby has a fighting chance! Keep up the prayers we need time on our side, no viruses and Lindens organs just to stay strong!

For those of you who have sent your prayers and thoughts Linden's way thank you so very very much and please keep them coming. His situation is measured minute to minute and all good thoughts do their part to help get him to where he needs to be. After being told that he could go at any time this news is breathtaking. It's a fantastic step forward for him. 

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Danni said...

That's great news! I'll keep praying for him and keeping him in my thoughts. Way to go, little guy! We're all rooting for you. <3

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