Friday, June 22, 2012

Birthday Season

It's creeping upon us.

I don't have any photographs to share in this post but there will be some coming up in the next post. I promise (I got my mothers day/ birthday gift yesterday and I've been putting it through it's paces; a lens attachment for my iphone that has wide angle, macro and fisheye options; I'm super giddy about all that) in the meantime I'll keep this post as short as I can.

Usually for all the birthdays we go to each summer I get all the same thing for each child we celebrate with, and I always give something art supply-ish. Getting all the same thing for everyone means that shopping is less of a hassle and if I shop at the right time cheaper. We've been on a pretty tight budget ever since the Peanut came on the scene and now with the Bean here and the Husband headed back to school we are even tighter in the budget department.

I go with art supplies because a gift of art supplies is different from what they'll get from the other kids and because beyond crayons markers and the odd set of watercolours; kids don't really get stuff that they can be creative with on a regular basis. That said; I do have some fabulous Mommy friends who stock their kids up often but a little bit of something new is always welcome and just what the doctor ordered to get the boredoms out of the house.

In the last few years our gifts have been:
watercolour paints and glitter glue
sketch pads and pastels
Buddha paper (paper that changes colour when wet but then dries back to normal) with paint brushes
and last year it was a packet of watercolour paper and water soluble pastels

I won't say what we're getting this year since party season isn't on just yet, but suffice it to say that it will hopefully help those creative minds get going.

Birthday season starts off with the Peanut. She turns six in eight days and we'll be celebrating on the following Monday. It's a long weekend here and Monday seemed to be best for most of our friends to join us. We're keeping it simple. The theme this year is Using Your Imagination and we figured the best way to do that was to fill our back yard with moving boxes and let the kids use their imaginations to build obstacle courses, hide in them for hide and seek and create towns, space ships and whatever else they can come up with. I can tell you now that it will probably be nothing like what I've listed here and most definitely better.

Each child will go home with a personalized paper doll with a selection of clothes to colour, collage and decorate as they see fit. I've got costumes of astronauts, cowboys, rock stars, pirates, fairies, ballerina's and just plain old being you clothes for them to make up for themselves. I'm pretty excited about them and thinking of adding something similar in the Etsy shop. I'm seeing some potential to get into a niche here and I'm having fun with it as well.

In other news my nephew had his second transplant on Monday. No news is good news as far as we are taking things. We've heard very little except the odd photograph and facebook status. He's off the breathing tube and has even had a stint in his Mommy's arms which I'm more than sure has done him a world of good.

We're still sending out all of our healing thoughts and prayers to him he's got a long way to go but he's getting there each day.

So what types of things do you like to get for your kids birthday gifts? Do you go the experience route and get a class for them to take, a night out to the movies or a play or do you stick with toys and books or (heavens forfend) clothes? Share, please I always like to know what works best for other people.

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