Friday, March 30, 2012

We Have a Match

For anyone who was interested in how my grand-nephew is doing we have just heard that they have found a match. They still have a very long road ahead of them but the news of a match is cause for celebration!

If you contacted One Match or the equivalent in your area thank you. If you would keeping Linden and his family in your thoughts please continue to do so. We appreciate all of them and they helped to bring about something wonderful.


jennohara said...

HURRAY!!!! Ive been waiting to hear something! Thank Goodness

TMCPhoto said...

Thanks Jen, it turns out they have two matches. one is a 35 year old male from the US who is a marrow match and the other is a cord blood match, also from the US. Linden's chances of survival have gone up to 85%.

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