Monday, March 19, 2012

It Comes Down to the Bone

I'm sure you remember a few weeks ago when I posted about my Niece's little guy, Linden going in for surgery. 

The surgery went well, the swelling in his head has gone down dramatically and we have been waiting to hear back about whether anyone in the immediate family was a bone marrow match and to hear the results of the testing that they were doing to find out what health issues he is going to face. The results are in, and I'm afraid they are not good on either front. Linden doesn't have a match within his immediate family and he's been diagnosed with a very rare bone disease.

I'm quoting from the facebook page that has been set up for Linden here:
Help us find a match for our baby linden! He was diagnosed with osteopetrosis; a rare bone disease and needs a bone marrow transplant! Please donate today! You could be a match for our little guy!
 Half Filipino half Caucasians have a better chances for matches.. but we need EVERYONE to become a donor, please spread the word and become a donor today!!
If we cannot find a match, there is no other treatment for this disease and eventually the bones will become too thick restricting the nerves to his eyes and ears causing him to become blind and deaf. Eventually he will die.
Children who do not get treatment for this disease don't make it past childhood. Linden is only six months old.

If you live outside of Canada you can become a donor in your own country. Matches can be made from all over the world. To list a very few:

In Canada visit One Match
In the US go to Be The Match 
In the UK go to the British Bone Marrow Registry

Even if you aren't a match for baby Linden you may be a match for someone else who's life could be saved by a donation. I signed up as a donor and am waiting to hear back about becoming a donor. If I can help out my nephew or anyone else who needs it I will do it because it is the very least I can do. 

Like any baby, Linden is loved to bits, he's adorable and a cheeky little monkey. He likes to flirt with the ladies and loves his Mama to bits. I am asking you for help here too. Please consider becoming a donor. If not  pass on information about becoming a donor to your friends and family. If you could help save the life of somebody's loved one wouldn't it be worth it? Please help spread the word.
Thank You


jennohara said...

Ive been waiting to hear about the little guy. Im so sorry for all of this. Im going to sign up

TMCPhoto said...

Thank You so much Jen. My Niece and her partner are really pushing for friends and family to become donors. After I signed up myself I felt I had to go further hence the post.

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