Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Thousand Words: Local Murder Edition

The Bean has been keeping me awake nights with tossing and turning and teething and not being happy about going back into her own bed. Add in the early morning bed invasion of the Peanut and I don't get a lot of sleep or a chance to doze lazily in the mornings. I don't mind, I really don't there's something sweet about the whole family snuggled up first thing in the morning. The Bean and the Peanut giggle at each other, I get a few stories out of the Peanut and then we're up and starting the day.

What isn't sweet is the sound of about 100 mourning crows in the backyard. Yup that's right they were in mourning for one of their own. I had a murder of crows at the soft and gentle hour of 6AM and they were not being soft or gentle in volume.  And then there was the body left behind.

I'm no animal CSI specialist so I couldn't say what the cause of death was but I did cordon off the crime scene, take a few photographs of the body and the surrounding evidence. None of the witnesses stuck around long enough for me to properly interview them so as of now it is in the cold case files.

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