Tuesday, February 28, 2012

While We're Waiting

My Grand Nephew is in surgery right now, they postponed the procedure by a little over an hour which was a little stressful for my niece I'm sure and we are waiting to hear how things are going now.

While we're waiting I thought I'd update the giveaway. There have been lots of new entries over the last few days and I've included one more entry option to the list. For an extra 4 more entries, blog about the giveaway and the special promo code. I've added a few more days onto the giveaway deadline to make up for the super slow start, which means that all the people who have already entered get even more chances to win!

Once we hear about how the surgery has gone I'll update here as well. We are thinking good strong thoughts for the little guy we know he's going to come out OK

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