Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today is Pink Shirt Day in support of anti bullying. I'm a member of the Peanut's PAC and was so excited to hear about this project last year. The Peanut is in one of the younger classes at her school and was not a part of the video but as a member of the school's community I am so very proud of this project. Teaching our children to accept differences with an open heart is really high up on our lists of how we want to raise them.  The stories of children ending their lives due to bullying, breaks my heart. Today I'm wearing pink to take a stand against bullying. Are you in?


Rue said...

I'm wearing pink! And very happy that my neice is now in a new school and actually happy to be going every day. No more bullying!

TMCPhoto said...

Rue I am so happy to hear about your niece. When I read about what she was going through I was shocked! A new school and a fresh start will be good for her. It's just too bad that she had to go through what she did.

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