Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Thousand Words: I'm losing my voice edition

I'm fighting off Mastitis and Laryngitis but I wanted to share this:

minuscule moss on tiny pebbles on a
neighbors cement gate post
On the giveaway front: I was wondering if I could ask a favour of my readers. The page views on the giveaway review post are up but entries are at a big zero.

I've checked out the post on my computer, on my iphone and on the husband's laptop and the rafflecopter widget seems to be working fine from these devices but your input would help. Usually a giveaway here has at least some entries made on the first day of the post but no entries after three days makes me wonder if there's something more going on. The software up for grabs really is fantastic and I'd love to be able to give one of my readers a copy for them to get creative with. If there's a technical glitch I'd love to know so that I can restart the giveaway without the widget and gather entries the old fashioned way. If you've got time and can hop over to the post and let me know if there are any glitches that I haven't been able to see?

1 comment:

Lady of the Ozarks said...

I love the serene picture you took of the neighbor's gravel. Beauty is right before us, if we take the time to look at it.
The Rafflecoptor seems to be working well now, too. :-)

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