Friday, February 24, 2012

And Just Like That

My Memories Software background and embellishments with
a vintage frog illustration, makes a great mixed
media collage, once I add in some hand sewn detailing
My Niece gave birth to her first child way back in the fall (and can I just say that makes me feel really old? To dial that back I'll also add that my niece is in her very, very early twenties).

My grand nephew (and here we are with me feeling really old all over again) is an adorable little fellow who we have just found out has some pretty big medical problems looming over his head. He's headed in for surgery this coming Tuesday, to drain some of the fluid that has accumulated on his brain and also for a large battery of tests to find out what he's got and what he's going to face over the next little while. We are praying for him and his Mamma and Daddy that things are not as bad as they could be.

So with his surgery on Tuesday his baptism has been jumped up from Easter weekend to tomorrow.  While I don't follow the same religious path that my Niece and her family do, I certainly respect their beliefs and we will be there to share in the celebration. Because a Baptism is a pretty big deal for Catholics I've put on my creativity cap in order to get a proper gift together and once again My Memories Suite helped me out.

A few years ago I posted my first tutorial about embellishing paper collage images with hand stitching.  I made use of My Memories Software to put together a cute fairytale image and printed the final product out onto some pearlescent ink jet paper. While the image above isn't the final collage (the actual collage piece will be kept under wraps until it's been gifted) it's a little similar and would be stunning framed in a nursery, I could also add big decorative letter Dd's for a fun alphabet card.... hmmmm I'm thinking I may have a new project idea here, End of year Teacher's gift here we come. If you haven't entered my giveaway for your chance at the My memories Software you can find the review and giveaway here, or if you can't wait click the My memories button in the sidebar and use the promo code STMMMS25295 to get $10 off.

So anyway, back to the nephew. We are sending thoughts of health and healing his way, if you have time to send some too, I would be very grateful.

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