Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wake Up Call

It happens at least once every year; I get a big reminder about the importance of applying sunscreen. For my lack of planning and foresight I'm sporting nose worthy of Barnum & Bailey.

I went to bed with a cold magic bag draped over my forehead and liberally applied moisturizer

So how was our long weekend?
Chock full of Birthday celebrations for the Husband, garden activities and a play date for the The Peanut (which was where the reminder that summer is coming and sunscreen should be on the daily to do list).

The husband has been known to drag out my birthday celebrations so I was pleased to see that we could do the same thing for his. This year was a pretty big birthday for him, we celebrated his entering the new 30's with a few special dinners, a few nights out with his buddies and a family dinner with cake and fresh berries; not to mention our night out last weekend to see The Raveonettes.

In Garden news, Our Pumpkin seeds have sprouted; including the seeds from last year's jack-o-lantern and we've planted a new blueberry bush, some carrots, onion, lettuce seeds and put in some broccoli, pea and tomato seedlings. I've added some dill, mint, basil and rosemary to our herb patch and we started the Peanut's Butterfly garden. Now it's all about watering, watching for new sprouts and pulling weeds.

The play date was held at one of our old North Shore haunts, one of our favourite parks. The day started off cool and cloud covered and, in our defense the forecast didn't call for a lot of sunshine. Hence the should have known better talks last night. The only one of the four of us who didn't come home with a little bit of redness was the Bean. My face is red, the Husbands neck and arms are red and the Peanut had a little bit of red on her forearms which is faded today.

This week coming up is all about planning. Planning our upcoming trip to Alberta, planning the Peanut's birthday, planning next weeks meals and planning for PeanutButterPie's coming year. I'm going to sit down and write out a plan for the coming year, marketing, production, and updating the shop. I'm aiming big knowing that I probably won't be able to tackle it all but I'll be doing my best.

How was your weekend?

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Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh oh. Now you know, you need sunscreen EVERY day. Moisturizer with sunscreen in it. (I always use Oil Of Olay, and my skin is great for an 'olden gal' like I am. -smile- ) 'Cause the sun is alllllllllllllways doing-its-thing. -sigh-

Don't try to plan too much. The best laid plans of mice and men, as they say. :-)

But planning is fun, the same as anticipation if fun.


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