Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's all about me

today. At least this is what I've been told. The thing is that I'm just not too bothered with it all. I'm tired, I mean sitting on the couch at 6:30 and wanting to sleep tired. Also I'm feeling a little on the sad side. The Peanut is being such an amazing sister. She's helping out, she's being as patient as an almost five year old can be and I can't help but feel like she's not getting enough from me.

On the positive side, the Bean isn't going to be so little much longer, in no time at all she'll be more interactive and less in need of so much of my time. For instance she's just fallen asleep with out being snuggled by me for the first time and I've managed to spend the last ten minutes typing. In the meantime the Peanut is growing up, overnight it seems she's started to gesture more when she tells her stories, her imagination is growing and her vocabulary is astronomical. I'm finding that she manages to amaze me more and more as time goes on.

So today it's all about me. I'll be enjoying a tasty breakfast and hopefully a kick butt handmade card followed by a trip over to my sister's place to have dinner. I hope that if you are a mother too that today was all about you and that it was and is a beautiful one.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

This time in your life, is officially "tired time," I think. :-)

And I can see how you could be a bit sad. Personally, I don't "dig" these "Days." And you are made to notice how your oldest is growing quickly. And how there just isn't quite enough "of you", to fully go-round, all the time. Etc.

But! Please don't stay sad. Please know [you do, but please realize it fully] that there is no Rule Book for parenting. :-) We all muddle along and hope it all comes out fine. And it will.

Gentle hugs...

Wishing you a lovely Mother's Day.

Marisa Hopkins said...

Just you wait - I look like I have been beat in the eyes with a stick today - the tell-tale sign of a hosted sleepover! :)

Sadly, the kids grow but the tiredness doesn't go away. I do hope you get some rest, soon! I rented a movie for the girls so that I can spend my Mother's Day napping :D

Happy Mother's Day to you!

jennohara said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!! I hope it was as nice as it sounded like it was going to be! :)
The girls are adorable...yes, they grow too fast! I'm sure your oldest is just loving giving the baby all the attention!

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