Thursday, May 26, 2011


Every time we plan a trip it's a big production that includes hours of planning to keep the Peanut busy.

After four years I like to think we've got it down to the absolute basics:

A few new DVD's with a DVD player or laptop
(on an airplane this is less important for during the main legs but for longer trips to and from the airport this is invaluable especially if you want to be able to visit with the family members who have come to pick you up or take you back)

Crayons and a new colouring book or activity book
I say new because it's nice to have the gift of novelty on your side. This year we're picking up a kindergarten activity book for the Peanut to work through as well as a blank notebook for her to draw in. On our last trip she had a book of mazes and puzzles that kept her busy and made her already brilliant mind even shinier so we're hoping to replicate that.

Paint with water books
a few years ago we came across Water Wow books and they've been in our travel bag ever since. While I'm not a huge fan of licensed character products like Disney Princesses or Dora I every once in a while disregard my dislike of buying into the marketing machine and go for it.

Water Wow books are like colouring books that your child paints onto with water. The page fills in with colour when a wet brush is used and once the water dries the page is ready to be painted on again and again, and the Peanut does.

because there is nothing and I mean nothing worse than an over hungry child strapped into and airplane seat. Once, when the Peanut was about 18 months we got on a plane around dinner time, we hadn't had a chance to stop and feed her and some how her snack bag was taken from me in the rush to get seated and ready for take off and placed in the overhead compartment. The crying, kicking and screaming was a stern teacher, Now the snack bag is never out of reach.

Random small toys
We've included Polly Pockets, matchbox cars and even a slinky at one time or another but hands down, the most bang for our buck has been a package of Bendaroos.
The Peanut has been known to play with these for hours.

For the Bean we'll be bringing her stuffed bunny and making sure that she's got full access to her food source aka Momma. For me I'll be bringing a good book or two.

So these are on my short list for the carry on bag, what types of things do you always carry on for the kidlets?


Suzie said...

It sounds like you have everything pretty well covered! It has been a long time since I had to pack trip treats for little kiddos, but I brought along many of the same things (with the exception of things that weren't available for the common public, which makes me feel VERY old! lol)

I also would stash some new, unseen surprises underneath my seat in the car. Some new picture books, an activity book, a self contained game, etc. for when boredom set in with the things that they already had. We would also make a stop at a local bookstore or craft shop along the route, and they would each pick out something special to do in the car. (I found those lap tables that you find in bookstores to be an invaluable piece of equipment, and worth the space. Nowadays, I don't know how safe they are to have a child's lap, but with the soft underside to hold them in place, it gave the kids a wonderful surface for coloring and creating with play-do, or other safe activities.

And, when from the time that they were beginning to read, I would bring along a dictionary. .we made up several versions of this game with considerations to age and ability. .the beginning game involved a child's picture dictionary. .one person had the book, and would read the definition, and give the first letter of the word. If no one could get it, then another definition would be read, etc. If a person got it right on the first try, they would get "x" points, and if a second definition had to read, then they would get one point less, and so on. The person that got it right, would then get the book, and get to choose the next word. When the total points were reached first, that person was the winner. As the kids grew older, they still loved playing this game, and by the time they were in Jr. High, the words were getting pretty challenging, to say the least! lol And this is something that the driver can take part in too, designating someone to do the honors of picking a new word.

Travel these days is a whole new challenge, but it sounds like you have met it head on! I'm sure that your trip is going to be great!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Enjoy your holiday!


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