Tuesday, May 3, 2011

learning and listening

The Bean is starting to laugh. Mostly they are soft barely heard chuckles followed by delighted shrieks and always the smiles. Really it's her cheeks that make the smiles. The Bean has been gifted with the most delectable cheeks, cheeks that demand to be eaten up, that invite kisses and that glow when she smiles. I've managed one big loud laugh from her and just like with the Peanut those laughs are as addictive as cheese cake or butterscotch sundaes. I'm at the point where I'll do just about anything to get one.

I'm finding myself wondering if the little mannerisms that I remember from when the Peanut was itty and that I'm seeing the Bean make are something that the two of them share or if these are things that all babies do. The combination snuggle boob dive as she tries to recover the breast I've removed because she's almost asleep. The way she holds her hands just so on her chest and the way she lifts her left eyebrow ever so slightly when I'm talking to her.

And then there's the chest thumping she does when I'm reading while I feed her. The Peanut did this too; swinging her arms out and around so that the book I was holding was jostled before her little fist made connection with my chest. This is a big one for the Bean, especially if she's tired.

So I'm reading lots, and listening to music and I thought I'd share these two versions of one song that never fails to make me feel a little sad.

Kate Bush - This Womans Work by shyhonestjosh

Which version do you prefer?


jennohara said...

Oh the cheeks! The first thing I notice on both those precious girls!! LOVE them! Love it when they start to laugh! Have fun!

Marisa Hopkins said...

According to my 4yo, our chihuahua likes this song :) (for the record, the chihuahua - and my 4yo - were listening to Kate Bush singing)

Man, I haven't heard that song in YEARS! Always loved it!

It's funny, I've never noticed things that my kids do that mirror each other - unless my baby is copying on purpose. They're such different girls and their baby selves were almost exact opposites!

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