Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We're back

and I'm exhausted. Also we're still unpacking and getting back into the groove of things. What with getting ready to go and being gone I've missed a few weeks of Bean updates. We are 11 weeks along and compared to the belly chart that we did with the Peanut my belly is in the ball park of 15 to 17 weeks (meaning when the Peanut was on the inside I got as big as I am now at about 15 and 17 weeks) We have an ultrasound on Friday where we'll find out how far along we are and if I'm full of Beans instead of just the one.

I'm hoping to post a Thousand Word post tomorrow using some of the photographs I was able to shoot while we were gone. In the meantime keep your fingers crossed for me, the Husband and the Peanut.

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