Friday, July 2, 2010

5 weeks

We're in Alberta for a few weeks; since our last trip proved a little light in the internet connections I've scheduled some posts so you won't miss me too much.

and right on schedule, that is if we had a schedule or this was 100% planned or we knew what we should be expecting right now, Speaking of expecting: we are. Our due date is January 30th. I'm writing this post on May 31st but scheduling it for July 2nd when we'll be in our second trimester and a little more settled. Over the next few weeks I'll schedule other posts as well so that I can keep a record of what I'm feeling for the little bean in my belly. Those will probably be a little shorter than this one seeing as I'll also be posting for those weeks as well.

On the one hand; I knew it! and on the other; well, I am in a bit of a state of shock. You see we'd kind of resigned ourselves to being parents of an only child and possible adding the our family later via adoption if we felt we wanted another child. We'd been actively not not trying since the Peanut turned two figuring that we wouldn't try to stop anything from happening but not actively pursuing the whole getting knocked up scenario. If it was meant to be it would happen and if not, well that was good too.

Two years ago I thought I might have been; I was exhausted, my period had been light; on a whim I went in and had a test. It came back negative and I was sent in for some blood work that turned into another Doctor's appointment and a trip to the hospital for a sweet hour of drilling into my hipbone to collect bone marrow samples so that a blood specialist could sit me down to tell me that I'm healthy other than my body likes to fight off certain types of white blood cells, so when I get sick I stay sick longer and that I should make sure to wash my hands frequently.

This time, I was a week late, I started feeling nauseated on Saturday and the only thing that really sounded appealing to me was a glazed croissant and possibly poutine (fries, gravy and cheese curds) having both together would have been totally acceptable. The last two weeks I had been feeling utterly exhausted but I chalked it up to family stress and being on vacation to see family (which isn't a nice quiet vacation anyway) and all of a sudden (and this is getting into some really personal territory) my breasts were feeling a little tender. So with the period being a week late and the other symptoms thumbing their noses and blowing raspberries at me I made another appointment getting ready to hear the doctor tell me I was negative and then to talk to about why I thought I might be pregnant.

Instead I got an "Oh it's positive, when was your last menstruation?" followed by "You are 5 weeks pregnant" and a "Your estimated due date is January 30th" which; as I mentioned above, not what I was expecting to hear. So I'm a little shocked and a little scared; the Peanut's pregnancy wasn't all that easy peasy lemon squeasy. But as the Husband says this time we kind of have an idea of what's going on and what to expect. We'll be able to do things better this time around. For my part I can't help but also feel sad for the Peanut who is insisting that she's going to have a little brother. I'm pretty sure she has the concept of being a sister down but the actually having a little crying baby in the house taking all of Mommy's attention isn't going to go over too well. We'll see how things go; for now the bean is 2mm, less than a gram.


Moon Daughter said...

Congratulations! I know this... having one child, told you should be happy with that, then just not working too hard at pregnancy and finding yourself pregnant again. I hope you're doing well, and that things are moving along nicely. It really is nice to have siblings... mine are currently playing "moms and babies" together :)

Jen said...

So happy for you and the whole family. Babies are good and I'm sure Peanut is going to love having a sister or brother. And if she doesn't love it now she will in 20 years or so...hope your trip is going well!

anymommy said...

Oh, that is wonderful news. Congratulations!! I hope this second journey is smoother so far.

Rue said...

Yay - congratulations! I am really excited for you (possible baby-envy involved) and I think the Peanut will adjust just fine. At four, she's at a good age to learn about sharing anyway, as she'll be off to school soon - so learing to share at home isn't a bad lesson.

A very happy, healthy pregnancy to you!

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