Friday, July 16, 2010

Holy Frijoles!

I'm just about to head to the bathroom for the last time before I fill it up for the ultrasound this morning. On the negative side ultrasounds are the most uncomfortable procedures that surround being pregnant. In the first trimester the bladder is a little on the abused side since from my experience with the Peanut and now the Bean it is used as an impromptu trampoline so that those itty bitty muscles can develop into ... if you'll excuse me for a moment while I attend to the above mentioned visit... OK where was I? Oh yeah; so that those little muscles can develop into tiny little balls of pure energy that will help to melt off the extra weight gained during pregnancy.

Now I'm waiting to measure out my four 8oz cups of water so that I can head out with the Peanut to see the Bean. As I mentioned Ultrasounds can be uncomfortable what with the bladder being pressed in by the uterus (or you know, being used as a bouncy castle by the fetus) in general then filled to capacity and made to hold that sloshing cargo while cold gel is spread over the belly. The bladder is then pressed on so that an image will appear on a tiny little screen so that A: a more exact delivery date can be found out. B: the reality that is the Bean that I know is in there but only as a concept can hit me like a brick wall and C: we can either breath a sigh of relief that the Bean is just the Bean or hyperventilate over the fact that instead of a single bean there is in fact more than one Bean (or; to be cheeky and I'm going to be cheeky; that I am in fact full of Beans)

That last one is weighing a little heavy on the mind today, what with my belly steadily popping out the way it has been. But we won't worry about that until I'm doing the uncomfortable pee pee dance in the waiting room of the radiology clinic. What I will think about is that I'll get to see the Bean and the connection that comes with the seeing can put the whole pregnancy bonding thing into a higher gear...

I'll post again soon with results and to share how the Beans were spilled on our Alberta Trip as well as a few photographs from said trip... wish me luck

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cabin + cub said...

Good luck ... and congratulations! How exciting!

Oh man, I do not miss the"holding in the pee" hours before the ultrasound. I remember I drank what they recommended, and by the time I got to the place, i was ready to explode. Even the ultrasound person, told me I didn't have to drink so much. Ugh!

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